Voices of the Well:
Earth and Womb Wisdom Teachings

A 9 part course for Women to dive deep into our inherent connection to the Otherworld. By embodying  Earth and Womb Wisdom as one, we reclaim our voices as we immerse ourselves in this well of knowledge.

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The Call:

Women were once the known Voices of the Otherworld. We have the innate ability to speak for the voiceless, for the Earth, heavens and that which exists beyond the veil. We are living in a time where the reemergence of our voices is needed more than ever. In this bold exploration of women's wisdom ways, we’ll once again drink from the sacred well of feminine mystery in order to reconnect, reinvigorate and reclaim our voices and call forth the unfolding story of a new more vibrant and sacred reality.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for women who wish to deepen their ability to see beyond the veil and more fully become the vessel through which to receive information from the Otherworld. Through Shamanic practices we’ll explore the unseen world and find ways to integrate this seeing into ritual, healing and everyday life, creating a new reference point of reality from which to build upon anew.

What's being taught:

  • Shamanic practices as informed by Native American wisdom and the Path of Pollen
  • Ways of seeing beyond the veil and deep listening to Spirit and the Living Earth
  • How to understand the language of Spirit and work with the landscape of non-ordinary reality
  • Healing practices for self, others, Earth and community
  • Ritual practice to connect more deeply to Spirit, the Voice of the land and your own inner voice

Please note: This training is by application only. ( Fill out your application here ) *note deadline has been extended to 3/31


Meeting times: We will meet for 5-6 hours one time per month for 9 months, with the exception of the first and last meetings which will be held overnight as a one night retreat at Golden Well Sanctuary. There will be monthly homework/practices and weekly brief email check ins. *Please check in about any scheduling conflicts before signing up for the course as there are certain meetings that are imperative to attend.*

Cost: $888 for all 9 courses, or 9 monthly payments of $100. 

SESSION descriptions (starts spring 2018, dates tba):

Session 1 (overnight weekend): Becoming the Vessel
We arrive at the space between. In this place of pre-becoming we work to sanctify the ground in which we’ll seed our prayers. With the support of this land and of our sisters, we begin to form the vessel for our sacred work.

Session 2 (5 hour weekend day): Beginning to Listen
We hear the call of the wind and springtime, we witness our inner stirrings and feel the heartbeat deep within the Earth. As we journey to the Otherworld, we seek to both see and seed in the dark.

Session 3 (5 hour weekend day): Tree of Life
Journey by drum brings us to meet the Earth’s Serpent wisdom. We both dive to greet this wisdom and rise to embody this knowing, walking it into being.

Session 4 (5 hour weekend day): Womb of the Earth 
Within the sacred ceremony of sweatlodge, we are invited into the Womb of the Earth and initiated by the Spirit of Fire that resides therein.

Session 5 (5 hour weekend day): Wild Woman Unfurling
We invite the Spirit of Fire to move through us as the Invisible Flame. We invite this flame to become a dance that clears, opens, and heals as it ignites our inner radiance and gives rise to the vital Life Force within.

Session 6 (5 hour weekend day): Rooted, We Rise
We sip from the Earth Star to further our relationship between Earth and Womb as one. From this strengthened connection to the Otherworld, we practice new ways of witnessing Nature and hearing the Earth’s prayers.

Session 7 (5 hour weekend day): Honey in the Heart
Womb to Earth, Earth to Womb. We the invite waters of wisdom to flow to the fountain of our own hearts.

Session 8 (5 hour weekend day): Guardians of the Well
We become ever more fully the Queens of our own Domains as we invite Clarity of Path to arise through our new ways of seeing. With the Womb as our personal scrying bowl, we practice ways of divination and learn to trust our unfolding vision.

Session 9 (overnight weekend): Cauldron of Wisdom
Into the dark, we drop down ever deeper into the Well of our Womb’s Wisdom. We claim our voices as one with the Earth’s, inviting Spirit to continue to work with and through us, ever strengthening our vessels, ever enriching the brew we have created with this work.



if you would like to join this course, please apply by March 15th (extended deadline).

please note, only a small number of applicants will be considered for this course and applications will be assessed on a first come, first serve basis.

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About the Facilitator:

Nicole Haciba Burke has been working in the healing arts since 2006. She has trained in Japanese Medicine and Acupressure with Dr. Imetai Henderson of Source Medicine, completed an apprenticeship with Sierra Thayer in Native American Shamanic Healing, and has been deeply immersed in the Path of Pollen for over a decade as taught by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K.. She has also studied Red Lodge Medicine Ways with Ohki Siminé Forest.

In addition to formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as an artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer. Nicole has led Moonlodge and various ceremonies, worked on organic farms, studied permaculture, and worked with numerous beehives and beekeepers all over the world.

While much of Nicole’s work deals directly with healing the physical body, her emphasis is also on a spirit level because she understands that harmony of soul embodied is the gateway of health in balanced connection to all things. Nicole honors and nurtures the wilderness of the soul. She reminds her clients of their pure essence and how to follow joy towards living a more rich, interconnected life. Her work is guided by and deeply rooted in loving relationship with the Earth, all of its elements and inhabitants.

Offerings: Japanese Acupressure, Path of Pollen Healing, Honeybee Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Acutonics, Ceremony, Intuitive Energy Work, Nutritional / Lifestyle Counseling, Moonlodge & Women's Wisdom Courses.

TESTIMONIALS about nicole's work

“Nicole is an experienced healer, who quickly identified the block that was keeping me locked in fear. Her compassionate and precise work left me feeling held, cleansed and renewed. I highly recommend a session with her!”-Marina Sala, United Kingdom

“While many shamanic techniques can be learned, Nicole is also blessed with an innate creative and spiritual disposition that amplify her already impressive healing abilities.” -Marc Oramer, NY

“I just wanted to write to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to meet you and to thank you for the treatment which to this day has helped both my back and knee . I’m not sure how to describe it but I am a total believer!! You are an incredible healer! Thank you again .”-Jack Giacopelli, NY

“I could feel Nicole tuning into the necessary realms that bring true healing and harmony on all levels. I felt completely comfortable with her energy as she is deeply caring, nurturing and present.”- Alokananda Luke Goldstein, NY

“I was very struck by Nicole’s calming, nurturing, intuitive and disciplined abilities from the moment I sat down until our big hug goodbye. She emanates a certain strength, composed of a trained union of mind, body and spirit that is immediately evident and is amazingly connected but incredibly grounded at the same time. I felt that there is every indication that, in the words of Permaculturist David Jacke, she is a truly “cultivated human being”. The acupressure session put me into another world- by the end, I had drifted so far into an indescribable ocean of peace that it took several moments for me to come out of it and respond to Nicole. Her suggestions for additions and subtractions to my diet have eliminated chronic acid reflux and dramatically improved the health of my skin. Nicole is a rare gem, a true healer and sister of the light that understands the present and urgently important and sacred role of the power of the female and with a quiet grace she lovingly incorporates it into every word and action.” John Goist, NY