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Dreaming with the Bees, Waking in the Hive


Join Nicole Burke of Golden Well Sanctuary and Ariella Daly of Beekeeping in Skirts and for this 6 day retreat with a focus on dreaming, European shamanic practices based on the wisdom of the honeybee, and deepening connections with Nature and community.

Space limited. Email with interest. More info coming soon.




Ariella is a beekeeper, Melissae, musician and storyteller.  A student of the Path of Pollen, she has studied honey bee shamanism for the past 7 years in the United Kingdom.  Ariella became a beekeeper in 2010 when a feral colony moved into the wall of her home.  She has worked predominantly with alternative hive styles and employs bee-centric apiculture methods.  Ariella developed an interested in earth wisdom at an early age, creating her first herb garden and herbal remedies at the age of 15.  Plant lore and an affinity for traditional folk music led her to study the myth and folk wisdom of her Celtic ancestry.  As a result, she has over 25 years experience designing, leading and participating in Celtic and earth-based practices and ceremony.  She believes in the power of body as guide and nature as ally, committed to fostering relationship between the human and non-human world.  She has worked as a tour guide in Europe, pursued a career as a singer/songwriter, toured extensively in a folk rock band and participated in deep group wilderness immersion.  Today she employs her skills with group facilitation in a number of workshops and classes focused on beekeeping and women's embodied wisdom.  

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Nicole Haciba Burke has been hosting ceremony and working in the healing arts since 2006. Prior to this, she trained in traditional Japanese Medicine and Acupressure with Dr. Imetai Henderson of Source Medicine, completed an apprenticeship with Sierra Thayer in Native American Shamanic Healing, and was initiated into the Path of Pollen by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K.. She has also studied Red Lodge Medicine Ways with Ohki Siminé Forest.

In addition to formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as an artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer.

While much of Nicole’s work deals directly with healing the physical body, her emphasis is also on a spirit level because she understands that the harmony of soul embodied is the gateway of health in balanced connection to all things.