Acupressure is a traditional Asian healing art that has been practiced for thousands of years. It aims to balance and fortify the flow of one's body energy system or "Ki". Acupressure is based on the same principals as acupuncture, but instead of needles, uses finger pressure of various strength and depth to work with balancing the energy of body's meridian system. Each organ system has a correlating meridian, a relating element, and a specific pathway in which it flows. Acupressure is used to address both blockages as well as places along the meridians where the Ki deficient.


Acupressure is effective for helping your body heal from a multitude of imbalances including, but not limited to, digestive disorders, fertility problems, eyesight issues, headaches, muscle problems, neurological problems, immune disorders, insomnia, and disease of any organ. It's also great for general upkeep and for getting rid of aches of pain. Not only does Acupressure address the physical body, but sessions will also be open for an exploration of healing emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances as well.

Your first Acupressure visit will include taking 45-60 minutes prior to your session to review a detailed history of your health. Traditional Japanese methods of observation will be used to make a full health assessment. An optional health write-up, which includes health and lifestyle recommendations specific to your case, can be obtained for your next treatment for an additional fee of $65.

Sessions last 1 hour. Please be sure to have eaten something during the day of your treatment but please don't come with a full belly as most sessions include deep abdomen work. Patients are fully clothed for sessions, so please wear or bring comfortable clothing. Acupressure treatments take place on the floor on tatami mats or on a table if you prefer. Acutonics (tuning forks placed on meridian points) or moxabuxtion (warming herbal treatment) might also be used to supplement treatment as needed.

After your treatment, your body will speak to you more loudly. If you feel tired, you are advised to rest, however, if you feel energized, you are encouraged to not spend all of your energy in one place. Overall, it's best to take it slow and not raise your heart rate for at least 6 hours after a treatment to allow it to "set".

Offered By:

Nicole Burke


$135 Intake: 2 hours includes health history, diagnostic evaluation & 1 hour treatment (required for all first time patients)

$65 optional health write up 

$85 Drop in session.(Student,Teacher & Farmer rate: $65)

Monthly Maintenance Plan: pay up front for 6 sessions to be attended in 6 months or less, pay $65/session (Students, Teachers & Farmers $50)

Acute Care: pay for 4 or more sessions up front to be attended within 1 month, each session $45 (does not apply to intake)

*Price includes optional Moxa, Abdominal Massage, Acutonics & Sound Healing during the session.