Nicole Haciba Burke has been working in the healing arts since 2006. She has trained in Japanese Medicine and Acupressure with Dr. Imetai Henderson of Source Medicine, completed an apprenticeship with Sierra Thayer in Native American Shamanic Healing, and has been deeply immersed in the Path of Pollen as taught by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K.. She has also studied Red Lodge Medicine Ways with Ohki Siminé Forest.

In addition to formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as an artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer. Nicole has led Moonlodge and various ceremonies, worked on organic farms, studied permaculture, and worked with numerous beehives and beekeepers all over the world.

While much of Nicole’s work deals directly with healing the physical body, her emphasis is also on a spirit level because she understands that harmony of soul embodied is the gateway of health in balanced connection to all things. Nicole honors and nurtures the wilderness of the soul. She reminds her clients of their pure essence and how to follow joy towards living a more rich, interconnected life. Her work is guided by and deeply rooted in loving relationship with the earth, all of its elements and inhabitants.

Offerings: Acupressure, Acu-Massage, Honeybee Medicine, Shamanic Healing (Native American & Path of Pollen), Sound Healing, Acutonics, Ceremony, Intuitive Energy Work, Nutritional / Lifestyle Counseling, Moonlodge & Women's Wisdom Courses.


Sensei Ryan Miller

Sensei Ryan Miller has had over 20 years of Martial Arts experience. For 2 years, he was uchideshi (live-in apprentice) with Rev. Koichi Barrish (8th generation Grand Master) at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine and Kannagara Aikido dojo in Grand Falls, Washington. At the shrine Miller had ceremonial priestly duties and was part in leading large ceremonies and events. In 2006, Sensei Miller began Systema training in Seattle, WA with Kaizen Taki and Brian King. He has also trained with Vladamir Vassiliev, the chief instructor of Systema Headquarters.

Miller Sensei’s Martial Arts teachings emphasize the expression of each individual’s natural movement. He values instinctual creative response, breath work, and achieving flow by de-emphasizing prescribed forms.

Besides being a ceremonialist and martial arts teacher, Ryan Miller is also a shamanic practitioner and offers private sessions. He has worked with shamanic practices for over 7 years and recently completed a 2 week intensive with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in England. He is an initiate of the Path of Pollen and an avid beekeeper and has also been initiated as a Reiki practitioner and trained in the Rossiter System, which is a method of assisted stretching for myofacial release and effective, lasting pain relief. Miller offers private healing sessions, Apitherapy/bee sting therapy and creates "medicines from the hive", including propolis tinctures, bee bread, honey-based herbal remedies and medicinal quality honey.

Offerings: Honeybee Medicine/Bee Sting Therapy, Aikido, Systema, Breath & Movement, Zazen, Rossiter, Private Martial Arts Lessons, Ceremony, Misogi Cleansing Ritual, Intuitive Energy Work & Reiki.

Richard G Powell

Richard G. Powell (Dhyānānanda) - is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, AyurYoga instructor (RYT), Reiki Master and member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). He has studied extensively under author and teacher Dr. Vasant Lad both in the US and in India. Richard completed further studies in Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy under Dr. Ashwin Shastry of Arogya Niketana in Karnataka, India, exploring the profound science of Ayurvedic detoxification called Pancha Karma. He is an avid student, teacher and practitioner of Sanskrit, Jyotisha (vedic astrology) and Vedic philosophy. Richard processes a love for Aikido and the natural world, and is a practitioner and teacher of Permaculture, the intentional science of healing and utilizing landscapes. He offers his diverse experiences, healing modalities, and profound understanding of the vedic to clients, empowering them to make healthier lifestyle choices and to expand their spiritual practice.

Offerings: Ayurvedic Consultations, Ayurvedic Medicine Workshops, Permaculture Classes, Kirtan

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Emma Landau

Emma is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She has studied under Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute and in Karnataka, India under Dr. Ashwin Shashtry of Arogya Niketana. She holds a BSc from Cornell University, is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association and is a certified AyurYoga® instructor and Core Synchronism practitioner. By utilizing the ancient sciences and understanding of health and disease, clients address the root cause of their imbalances through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation, subtle energy therapies, and traditional Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurvedic treatment is for the healthy and the ill, and allows individuals to reconnect with their optimum health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Emma sees Ayurveda and Yoga clients remotely, at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont, at Golden Well Sanctuary and coming soon at her office in downtown Burlington.

Offerings: Ayurvedic Consultations, Ayurvedic Medicine Workshops, Yoga Classes