vermont Certified organic

"Vermont Organic Farmers believes that organic production enhances soil, plant, animal, and human health to protect the environment for current and future generations. Organic certification is needed to verify these production practices and to ensure that organic products are produced with integrity and transparency. We provide consumers with a process and label they can trust." -NOFA VT



We all know it's all about eating your vegetables! But, not all vegetables are created equal. Produce grown in nutrient-rich soil without chemical inputs are not only healthier for you, but way better for the environment. A double win. Organic veggies are better for your health and the health of the planet!

At Golden Well, we care for the Earth and it shows. 

Our growing practices include crop rotation, minimal tilling, and biointensive growing. We strive to go beyond organic as we work with regenerative practices that bring more life and resilience to the soil. We work with the ecosystem to maintain and encourage natural diversity. We're also passionate about helping folks develop a personal relationship with the land. 

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