GREEN AND GOLD IS a small, woman-run farm business RUN AT GOLDEN WELL SANCTUARY



Paige Wener grew up in Starksboro, VT and attended the University of Vermont, where she attained a BS in Nutrition and Food Sciences with a minor in Anthropology. In 2014, she began her farming journey in southeastern Pennsylvania at an orchard with a vegetable operation. Since then, she has followed her passion to farming endeavors in New Zealand, Washington State, Alaska, and back to her home state.


Paige has undertaken everything from picking apples to mucking pig pens to cutting through blackberry jungles in the pursuit of a full-farm education. Small-scale agriculture allows her to strive towards lifelong goals of getting outside, engaging in local economies, and eating incredibly well. Paige enjoys learning about all things related to food culture and sustainable systems. Her choice to farm stems from a deep interest in food and place, and how they affect individuals and communities. She is an avid reader, cook, poet, fermenter, and hiker, and is very excited about sharing her love of plants and her favorite seasonal recipes with the community.

After five seasons of traveling, Paige is excited to be growing food in the county she was raised in. Vermont is such a unique and wonderful place, and she honors it by practicing sustainable agriculture. We are committed to growing delicious and nutrient-dense produce by focusing on soil health and a plant-positive approach to pest and disease control.

Paige grows at Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven. She is excited to take the reins on a beautiful piece of land, and to be part of a collaborative effort to heal the earth and everyone on it.

Learn about what Paige grows and how you can sign up for a CSA share with her this summer!