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Family Friendly Yoga w/Cathy

Drop in to this Family Friendly Yoga class. Finding the zen amidst the chaos of family life can be one of the most challenging spiritual pursuits one faces in their lifetime. Bring it all to your mat! The chaos, the joy, the frustration, the love and the longing for more peace. We'll provide the space where it's ALL OKAY! We'll attempt to find bliss in the chaos through movement, breath, community, laughter and levity! Moms, dads, caretakers, or even if you don't have a kid in your life and are okay with sharing space with them- you're welcome to come with or without baby in tow, just know that there will be wee ones about! 

Drop in $10
Drop your 2.5-5 year old at Kelly's Little Yogi at the same time for $7!
Zen for the whole family...

taught by Cathy Ward or Nicole Burke