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Full Moon SOUND + RESTORE: Sound Bath, Yoga + Healing Touch

FULL MOON: Sound Bath - Restorative Yoga - Healing Touch - optional CBD sampling

Friday 4/19 6-8pm. PRE-REGISTRATION is required.

Join Nicole, Alex and Tony in an experience of Renewal on the eve of the 1st Full Moon of Spring, as you are guided through a meditative and rejuvenating journey centered on sound. Gongs, singing bowls, drums, chimes and bells will bring harmony to mind, body and spirit as you gently move through restorative and nourishing poses. This sound, movement and stillness will be deeply relaxing; a perfect way to prepare for the opening that a Full Moon can bring into our lives.

To deepen this practice RoPana will be offering information and samples of their organic, holistically minded, artisanal CBD (THC-Free) products. This optional offering is the perfect pairing as we aim to calm the nervous system and soothe tension, pain and anxiety.


Alex Beckmann is a musician, producer, and sound meditation facilitator in NYC. He has toured the world as a drummer and makes electronic music under the name MMBLR. A fascination with sound healing and sound meditation has led Alex to study various techniques and instruments including tuning fork Biosonics with John Beaulieu and Gong Yoga with Don Conreaux.

Tony Bednar is a percussionist, drum instructor and certified sound healing practitioner residing in South Royalton. His approach to vibrational therapy is to provide an inviting and exploratory soundscape for the listener to journey wherever called. He works with instruments from a variety of traditions including singing bowls, bells, gong, tuning forks, drum and shruti.

Nicole Haciba Burke has been hosting ceremony and working in the healing arts since 2006. She has been trained in traditional Japanese Medicine, Native American Shamanic Healing, and was initiated onto the Path of Pollen at the Sacred Trust in the U.K.. She has also studied Red Lodge Medicine Ways. In addition to formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as an artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer. While much of Nicole’s work deals directly with healing the physical body, her emphasis is also on a spirit level because she understands that the harmony of soul embodied is the gateway of health in balanced connection to all things.

COST: $40

Please note: Pre-registration is required. Early registration encouraged as there is limited space and this type of event often sells out.

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