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Sacred Flight of the Bee: A Workshop at Maha Rose

Sacred Flight of the Bee: From Fields of Knowing to the Honeyed Wisdom Within with Nicole Haciba Burke

Saturday, February 16th, 6pm-9pm

(course takes place at Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY)


European Honeybee Shamanism, also known as the Path of Pollen, is an ancient and ever changing gyno-centric tradition that exalts the sweet honeybee as a sacred glyph, teacher and guide. Through this introductory exploration of some of the secret practices held by this arcane tradition, we follow the wisdom of the bee in winged flight to move between worlds. In these ways, we come to know both the freedom and ecstacy resulting from deep communion with the unseen world around us, only to return to the sweet inner knowings discoverable in the dark depths of the Divine nektary within. We take pause as we move between this ingress and egress to embody the gnosis that flows forth as a result of the opening of this liminal doorway.

This workshop, that edges on the side of ceremony, is designed for those who wish to deepen their ability to see beyond the veil and more fully become the vessel through which to gather the honeyed wisdom that flows forth from Spirit. Meditations, ritual movement, ceremonial practices and techniques being taught are both simple and profound enough to prepare the ground to take you as far in flight or deep into the hive of your own embodied knowing as you choose to go.

* Please wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to move in, those who identify as women are encouraged to wear long, loose skirts. Please bring a journal and 2 items that are bigger than a walnut and smaller than a grapefruit you can keep with you for a long time, stones or the like are ideal. These be items that are new to you or things you already have a relationship with. 

Exchange: $60

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

About the Facilitator:

Nicole Haciba Burke has been working in the healing arts since 2006. She has formal training in Aikido, traditional Japanese Medicine and Acupressure, has completed an apprenticeship in Native American Shamanic Healing, and has been initiated into and deeply immersed in the Path of Pollen, an ancient tradition of European Honeybee Shamanism taught by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K., for over a decade. In addition to her formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing and ceremonial work is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as a mother, artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer. She is the visionary behind, co-founder and steward of Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven, Vermont where she facilitates monthly moonlodges, various ceremonies, apprenticeship programs and retreats. While much of Nicole's work addresses healing the individual, she is also largely devoted to re-potentiating our relationship with the Living Earth through cultivating deeper and more meaningful connections between Nature, Spirit, self and community.