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Sound Healing Fundamentals Certification Training w/ Kirk Jones

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Join Kirk Jones for this workshop to entrain oneself to the vibrations of the universe. This sound healing immersion will focus on the theory and practice of using the powerful tones and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls as a healing tool for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

This 2 day, 16 hour certification is offered by IASH master instructor Kirk Jones. This workshop includes a International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH) Advanced Training certificate. In addition to general theory, we will go over fundamentals of how to tone the bowls, body position, intention, and focus. We will learn how to give treatments specific to instilling deep relaxation, calming the mind, clearing the biofield and reflexology meridians, cellular detoxification, improving circulation, reducing high blood pressure and the effects of long term stress, and we will learn powerful, effective, noninvasive treatments for specific physical ailments such as chronic and acute pain.

We will also discuss how to apply this knowledge in our lives and integrate these methods in our healing practices. Other instruments including voice, energy work, and movement practices will be discussed and easily integrated into your practice during and after class.

Times: 8/17 9am-5pm 8/18 9am-5pm

Exchange: $399 If you are a Vermont Resident, you may be able to qualify for VSAC non-degree grant funding for the price of the class plus $100 in "tools" (singing bowls). Pre-registration is required. Sign up via link below.

Specially designed singing bowls are provided for use in the class and may be purchased on site after class.