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MURMURATION: Dreaming with Bees, Waking in the Hive Retreat *(note new dates and pricing)*

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The hum inside the honeyed hive
…a shared dream

A cloud of 10 thousands bees
…a shared movement

Sun shining through each beating wing
…a shared vision

Weaving and humming
…a shared rhythm

A new Tree to welcome them
…a shared home

A place to build a better tomorrow
…a shared hope

What happens when we trust the shared dream?
What might we hear when we seek to listen?
Where do we land when we dare to take flight?

We are on the brink. The structures we find ourselves in are crumbling. It's time to take flight.
To trust our shared dreams . To seek a new Eden.

In this exploration of dreaming with the bee as a sacred ally, we find ourselves waking to the knowing of the hive and the pollen ways with which Spirit animates and connects all things. We revel in the liminal only to launch, headlong, into the nothing and everything of dreamtime so that we might awaken more fully to what is being asked of us at this time, on this Living Planet, at this hour. 

Join us for this CO-ED immersion into the Pollen ways with MURMURATION. We’ll gather at Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven, Vermont for a week of collective hive dreaming, community building, ceremony, sacred movement and dream incubation woven with the gossamer threads of the Path of Pollen, a European Shamanic Honey Bee tradition.

This workshop is open to ALL GENDERS.
Space is limited to 18 spots. No prior experience necessary.


Payment plans available when signing up by 9/1*




Ryan Miller has had over 20 years of ceremony and Martial Arts experience and over 7 years of shamanic healing experience.

Miller began his foray into ceremony and Martial Arts when he was uchideshi (live-in apprentice) with Rev. Koichi Barrish (8th generation Grand Master) at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine and Kannagara Aikido dojo in Grand Falls, Washington. At the shrine Miller had ceremonial priestly duties and was part in leading large ceremonies and events. In 2006, Sensei Miller began Systema training in Seattle, WA with Kaizen Taki and Brian King. He has also trained with Vladamir Vassiliev, the chief instructor of Systema Headquarters.

Miller Sensei’s Martial Arts teachings emphasize the expression of each individual’s natural movement. He values instinctual creative response, breath work, and achieving flow by de-emphasizing prescribed forms.

Besides being a ceremonialist and martial arts teacher, Ryan Miller is also a shamanic practitioner and has trained with Nicole Burke and has completed a 2 week intensive with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in England. He is an initiate of the Path of Pollen, an avid beekeeper and a farmer. He is also the co-founder and steward of Golden Well Sanctuary.

Ryan has been working with his wife Nicole since they met in 2010 and is enthusiastic to get started working with his good friends and colleagues in the Path of Pollen, Elena and Charlie.

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Nicole Haciba Burke has been working in the healing arts since 2006. She has formal training in Aikido, traditional Japanese Medicine and Acupressure, has completed an apprenticeship in Native American Shamanic Healing, and has been initiated into and deeply immersed in the Path of Pollen, an ancient tradition of European Honeybee Shamanism taught by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K., for over a decade. It is the Path of Pollen that informs and inspires much of her work and daily practice.

In addition to her formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing and ceremonial work is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as a mother, artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer.

She is the visionary behind, co-founder and steward of Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven, Vermont where she facilitates monthly moonlodges, ceremonies, apprenticeship programs (including Voices of the Well) and various retreats. She is also available for one on one healing work and Shamanic counseling.

Nicole has been working with her husband Ryan Miller in the healing arts since they met. She’s been working closely with Elena Greenlee for the last 2 years with Voices of the Well and recently met Charlie Cattrall in the UK at a Path of Pollen workshop. She is excited to be part of this creative partnership and anticipates Murmuration being a wildly good time!



Elena was born in Brooklyn, NY to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual family and has herself lived and worked in Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and California, seeking to understand stories of displacement, migration, cultural fraying, and ultimately belonging.

She holds a Masters in Fine Arts in Film from NYU’s Tisch School, is a passionate student of shamanic technologies from her own heritage and around the world, and believes that storytelling and creative expression are two essential threads to help us reweave the web of connection that can heal and hold us all.

In 2018 Elena gave up city life to begin stewarding the Vermont land that her grandparents purchased in 1963, where she spent her childhoods singing to flowers, running summer camps for frogs, and sending fairy boats down muddy streams.  Since establishing roots here with her partner Tony Bednar, they have been producing gatherings for healers, artists, and folks with a creative passion for living in harmony with the natural world. They have been particularly enjoying learning from the community of elders around them and being challenged to rise to the occasion of living in deep intimacy with nature’s elements and rhythms.

In 2018, Elena joined Nicole for Voices of the Well and has gone on to become immersed in Path of Pollen studies including traveling to the UK to learn from Naomi Lewis, co-founder of the Sacred Trust.



Charlie Cattrall has over 15 years of experience in performance, the healing arts, martial arts and shamanism.

He trained as an actor in London at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he developed a particular interest in performance as spectacle and ritual, where the performer exists as actor, dancer, shape-shifter and shaman. After leaving drama school this interest was further developed working with the physical theatre troupe Gardzienice in Poland, and with other dance theatre companies in the UK and throughout Europe. Recently his practice has deepened through the addition of the Meisner technique through tutelage from Kate Maravan and mentorship from Paul Oertel and Nancy Spanier.

With martial arts Cattrall is a Shodan in Aikido and Kashima Shinryu, having received teaching from Paul Douglas of Tetsushinkan Dojo in London. He has also developed a Swing Dance practice over many years and has taught partner dancing in London with Swing Patrol.

His interest in the healing arts came after a number of injuries through performance, and through a re-assessment of how to better use himself and his body. This resulted in him becoming a Feldenkrais teacher, training at the International Feldenkrais Training Centre in the UK.

For the last few years all these diverse strands have come together under the tutelage of Naomi Lewis at the Sacred Trust in the UK, to a more direct synthesis in ritual and shamanism, where he can use the depth of his performative experience to guide and encourage others to deepen into their own practices. Through this he met Nicole Burke, Ryan Miller and Elena Greenlee, and is hugely excited to be a part of Murmuration with them.


Course fee plus room and board with 4 days of teaching and 3 nights indoor accommodations:
$680-1080 sliding scale* (pay $680, $880 or $1080 based on what you’re able)
Course fee plus room and board with 3 nights camping space (bring your own tent, please note October weather can be quite cold!):
$580-$980 sliding scale* (pay $580, $780 or $980 based on what you’re able)

(Pricing includes workshop, accommodations and all meals. Rooms will be shared. Food will be chef-catered gluten-free, vegan fare prepared with using organic vegetables from Green & Gold CSA grown at Golden Well farm and other local organic growers.)

(please note slight price increase for processing fees with payment plans)

  • 9 month payment plan with indoor accommodations:

    $65/month after $200 deposit = $785 total

    $85/month after $200 deposit = $965 total

    $105/month after $200 deposit = $1145 total

  • 9 month payment plan with camping:

    $54/month after $200 deposit = $685 total

    $63/month after $200 deposit = $765 total

    $94/month after $200 deposit = $1045 total

We request that you contribute the highest amount you are able in order to cover the costs of facilitation, travel costs of facilitators (including UK airfare), food, utilities, and course materials.
Any extras beyond covering our expenses will go to support other community members who may need help accessing this work. We thank you in advance for your generosity and help in making this work as accessible as possible.

Apply and send in your deposit below.



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