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MURMURATION: Dreaming with Bees, Waking in the Hive: Retreat w/ Ariella Daly, Nicole Burke and Gina DeBernardo

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Murmuration: Dreaming with the Bees, Waking in the Hive

The hum inside the honeyed hive
…a shared dream

A cloud of 10 thousands bees
…a shared movement

Sun shining through each beating wing
…a shared vision

Weaving and humming
…a shared rhythm

A new Tree to welcome them
…a shared home

A place to build a better tomorrow
…a shared hope

What happens when we trust the shared dream?
What might be heard when we stop to listen?
Where do we land when we dare to take flight?

We are on the brink. The structure we find ourselves in is crumbling and it's time to take flight.
To trust our shared dreams . To seek a new Eden.

In this exploration of dreaming with the bee as a sacred ally, we find ourselves waking to the knowing of the hive and the pollen ways with which Spirit animates and connects all things. We revel in the liminal only to launch, headlong, into the nothing and everything of dreamtime so that we might awaken more fully to what is being asked of us at this time, on this Living Planet, at this hour. 

Join Hive Sisters Gina DeBernardo, Nicole Burke, and Ariella Daly for this co-ed immersion into the Pollen ways with MURMURATION. We’ll gather at Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven, Vermont for a week of collective hive dreaming, community building, ceremony, sacred movement and dream incubation woven with the golden-black threads of the Path of Pollen, a European Shamanic Honey Bee tradition.

This workshop is open to all genders.
Space is limited to 18 spots. No prior experience necessary.


Payment plans available when signing up by 6/1*




Ariella is a beekeeper, Melissae, musician and storyteller.  A student of the Path of Pollen, she has studied honey bee shamanism for the past 7 years in the United Kingdom.  Ariella became a beekeeper in 2010 when a feral colony moved into the wall of her home.  She has worked predominantly with alternative hive styles and employs bee-centric apiculture methods.  Ariella developed an interested in earth wisdom at an early age, creating her first herb garden and herbal remedies at the age of 15.  Plant lore and an affinity for traditional folk music led her to study the myth and folk wisdom of her Celtic ancestry.  As a result, she has over 25 years experience designing, leading and participating in Celtic and earth-based practices and ceremony.  She believes in the power of body as guide and nature as ally, committed to fostering relationship between the human and non-human world.  She has worked as a tour guide in Europe, pursued a career as a singer/songwriter, toured extensively in a folk rock band and participated in deep group wilderness immersion.  Today she employs her skills with group facilitation in a number of workshops and classes focused on beekeeping and women's embodied wisdom.  

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Nicole Haciba Burke has been working in the healing arts since 2006. She has formal training in Aikido, traditional Japanese Medicine and Acupressure, has completed an apprenticeship in Native American Shamanic Healing, and has been initiated into and deeply immersed in the Path of Pollen, an ancient tradition of European Honeybee Shamanism taught by Kate Shela, Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in the U.K., for over a decade. It is the Path of Pollen that informs and inspires much of her work and daily practice.

In addition to her formal training, Nicole’s dynamic approach to healing and ceremonial work is also inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as a mother, artist, designer, writer, organic vegetable farmer, beekeeper, and a world adventurer.

She is the visionary behind, co-founder and steward of Golden Well Sanctuary in New Haven, Vermont where she facilitates monthly moonlodges, ceremonies, apprenticeship programs (including Voices of the Well) and various retreats.



Gina DeBernardo is a woman devoted to her love affair with life and all it's brilliant facets.  Her work has brought her from the warm waters of Florida, to the rugged coast of California, from the tropical breezes of Mexico to the lush hills of England.  She moves through life as a lover of the earth and it's people, practicing the embodiment of ecstasy in a pure, grounded form.

Gina is a skilled bodywork practitioner with over 18 years experience. She spent 6 years in San Francisco working with men, women and couples. Her work combines a unique blend of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Sacred Anointment, embodiment practices and shamanic modalities.

Gina has spent years engaged in advanced teachings within the Path of Pollen, a gynocentric European shamanic tradition which holds the honey bee as its central living symbol. She has assisted on many of the advanced programs offered with the Path of Pollen, including more recent work with men.  Integrating shamanic methods with her own bodywork practices, Gina works with the impersonal use of sexual energy within the body, to awaken us into our divine eros: our life force, creativity, will and the power we have to ignite our dreams into reality.  Her work with clients is a deep dive into discovering your authentic, erotic, fully expressed, sacred self.  

Please pay your deposit and/or full course fee below. You may also enroll in a payment plan of 4 installments when signing up by *6/1.

(Extended payment plans available on a financial need basis for those signing up before *6/1, please inquire. )

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Retreat fees are as follows:

Full course fee with indoor accommodations: $1444
Full course fee with camping space (bring your own tent): $1244

(Pricing includes workshop, accommodations and all meals. Rooms will be shared. Food will be chef-catered gluten-free, vegan fare prepared with using organic vegetables from Golden Well farm and other local organic growers.)

*Payment plan with indoor accommodations: $325/month for 4 months plus $200 deposit at start

*Payment plan with camping: $280/month for 4 months plus $200 deposit at start

(*you must send a deposit by 6/1 if applying for a payment plan,

please inquire about financial-need based extended plans)

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