Ancient Skills Series /w Zebulun Browne

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Ancient Skills Series /w Zebulun Browne


Ancient Skills Series:

  • Introduction
  • Fire & Water Session

This series of classes focuses on our primal relationship to the Earth and creation. Each weekend will focus on an element of survival (shelter, fire, water, food).  The worlds of the unseen and eternal, the natural wonders we pass by each day without realizing, will come to be revealed through the ancient art of tracking. You will also learn proper knife handling techniques, rudimentary navigation skills, and how to read a landscape for hazards.

Come learn how to make shelter from the materials on a landscape. (Re)ignite your passion and discover your personal relationship to fire by making one primitively with materials harvested from the landscape. Learn how to ‘read’ landscapes to find water, tool materials, animals, edible and medicinal plants, and optimal shelter locations. Most of all, come and expand your senses beyond what you thought possible, and awaken to an ancient rhythm.

Pre-registration is required. Need based scholarships available, please inquire by contacting Zeb via his website:

About the teacher:
Zeb’s passion is to lead people closer to the Earth and self, through deep awareness and connection to place. He brings his love of tracking to all areas of his life, and wishes to share his wonder and awe of the natural realms with everyone, and the healing power that comes from such experiences. He is a Vision Quest protector, wilderness first responder (WFR & CPR), and is trained in 8Shields Art of Mentoring. He is a fourth year student at wildernessFusion (h4), a healing school grounded in an Earth-based philosophy; this is Niasziih Healing. He has also been a nature mentor at programs around the country for more than twelve years, sharing and teaching the skills of primitive wilderness survival, deep nature connection, and awareness.

Note: Zeb will also be facilitating a Vision Quest this summer. To register, please see the separate listing here, or visit

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