Black Mirror Making

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Black Mirror Making

from 35.00

September 21st from 5:30-9:30pm
Learn to make and wake the sacred oracular tool of the Black Mirror.

Sliding scale $35-$75*

  • This course is only available to current and past Voices of the Well students.

  • Please bring your own empty picture frame with a glass display window. The dimensions should be bigger than 9” and smaller than 36”. Mirrors do not have to be square or rectangle, frames can be simple or ornate. The glass must be removable or at least accessible from the back. Please be in touch with questions about this.

  • All other materials for crafting and imbuing these tools with Spirit will be provided.

  • A simple meal of soup and salad will be served, additional sides and snacks welcome.

*A note about sliding scale: Please note pricing is on a sliding scale of $35-$75. We request that you contribute the highest amount you are able in order to cover the costs of facilitation, food, utilities, and course materials. Any extras beyond covering your expenses will go to support other community members who may need help accessing this work. We thank you in advance for your generosity and help in making this work as accessible as possible.

sliding scale:
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