BODY.MIND.SOUL Retreat w/Hakim Ilyas

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BODY.MIND.SOUL Retreat w/Hakim Ilyas

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BodyMindSoul Retreat with Hakim Ilyas

Life’s hardships can easily distract us from our many blessings. At the same time, however, we are also in jeopardy of losing ourselves and forgetting what really matters. This retreat is a precious opportunity for the essential yet often neglected practice of spiritual renewal.

Our retreat begins with a BodyMindSoul reset through practices that dissolve and release accumulated physical, mental, and emotional stresses so that your true self can emerge. What follows is the remembrance of who you really are, so that you are able to consciously tame wayward motivations and their resulting negative behaviors that are built around the illusion of who you are not. Once you relax comfortably into your true nature, you are spiritually revived.

We meet at a location away from your life in the world for an existential decompression. We step out of time and off the grid, turning off cell phones and computers. The beautiful, tranquil setting with fresh air, pure water, sunshine, and clean food supports relaxation, rejuvenation, introspection and healing. The retreat themes are realized through the daily program of BodyMindSoul practices (meditation, yoga, and qigong) and inspiring discussion. You will have ample time to yourself as well as opportunities to connect with kindred spirits.

If you bring a receptive heart and mind, expect to receive insights and breakthroughs relative to your particular life-journey, such as: realizing who you really are; establishing a spiritual center as a lifeline to navigate the myriad challenges of life; finding clarity or resolution in your relationships; identifying a resonant educational/career path; and addressing health challenges.

Retreat themes include:

§  The importance of self-care, especially for service-oriented souls

§  Strategies for assessing and articulating collective needs

§  Supporting collective healing and integration

§  Articulating a clear light of service in the world as a community

Everything is relevant, and anything is possible. If you are inspired, please join us!

Teacher Bio


Ilyas Kashani is a “hakim” or practitioner of Traditional Islamic Healing and Medicine (TIHM). His training began at six years of age through his father. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from Virginia Tech. He has studied various traditional and modern holistic therapies since 1990, including Oriental Medicine, Osteopathic Manual Medicine, Meditation, Qigong, and Yoga. He holds a Master of Acupuncture degree from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, and is certified in Chinese Herbology by the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. In 2000, he founded the Circle of One –a 501c3 non-profit Center of Traditional Medicine– to serve people in need, regardless of their financial circumstances. At present, he is advancing the Hakim Wellness Project to revive the study and practice of TIHM.

COST: $275 for retreat
Accommodations and farm to table food available for an additional cost.

retreat with or without farm to table food and accommodations:
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