Eros, Vitality & Healthy Aggression: A Men's Soul Immersion Day

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Eros, Vitality & Healthy Aggression: A Men's Soul Immersion Day


Awakening to a life of deeper meaning where vitality and new possibilities for how to live, how to love, and how to make new choices beyond any reality that has become uniquely familiar, is alive in each one of us.

Christopher Royer and Nathan Maez co-lead this experience which offers you the opportunity to delve further into the sacred places inside, which in some ways are more real than any other inside you. So often, in our lives, we have a difficult time expressing ourselves fully and authentically. Together we will explore themes of vitality, Eros and aggression in a way that joins heart, body and mind as we follow the call of our souls toward wholeness and our own personal truth. We will practice deepening into support outside of ourselves because as men, we have the tendencies to x, go it alone and force our will.

As a group, we will create a joint space to allow something to happen together that simply could not happen anywhere else.

  • Eros - the creative, spontaneous fire inside us
  • Vitality - the power of life present in all living things
  • Aggression - a potentially constructive force that we can put forward into the world


  • Christopher at or 937.689.3689
  • Nathan at or 274-9496 to register or to find out more about this experience.

About the facilitators:
Nathan Maez and Christopher Royer have worked together for many years in the realms of self-awareness and group dynamics. The focus of their work is to use group dynamic, Ceremony and mystery to invoke deep personal transformation. They currently lead the Montpelier Soul Tavern Men’s Group, facilitate intensives for the Hero’s Journey Foundation and facilitate private workshops in their communities.


  • 4 year diploma Barbara Brennan School of Healing
  • 5 year diploma PsychoEnergetics,
  • 12 years Hero’s Journey Foundation.
  • Shamanic ritual and Soul Retrieval studies.


  • 10 years with Tom Brown, Jr.’s Tracker School
  • 4 years PsychoEnergetics
  • 10 years Hero’s Journey Foundation

Will include:

  • Facilitated group council
  • Opportunities for support and challenge
  • Being in the unknown
  • Experience of nature as an ally
  • Be a part of something larger than you
  • A ceremonial re and sweat lodge
  • Lunch and a light dinner
  • Optional camping Saturday night

Time / Location
Saturday, June 23rd from 9:30 a.m. - 11p.m
Cost - $200
Location - Golden Well Farm, New Haven, VT

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