Farm + Nature Kids' Camp! 2018

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Farm + Nature Kids' Camp! 2018

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This summer, join us as we explore and celebrate the woods, fields, and waters of Golden Well Farm and Apiaries. Nature becomes our classroom, living room, and playspace as we build strong connections to the land and to each other. We’ll sing songs, give thanks, tell stories, make art, harvest flowers, herbs and veggies, practice yoga, play games, build forts, and go on adventures with curiosity as our guide. Weaving hands-on experiences with the world of imagination, we’ll strengthen the threads that connect us to the web of life.  

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AGES: 4 1/2-9

DATES: 2 Sessions (Tuesdays, Wednesdays + Thursdays 9am-3pm)

Session I: 7/10-8/2* 
Session II: 8/7-8/30

* a full week of Farm to Ballet Camp will take place during the week of 7/23-27, kids will join and have the option of purchasing 2 additional days to attend full week of Farm to Ballet Camp that week.



  • 9am: Drop Off
  • 9:30am: Breathe, Stretch, Share Gratitude, Sing into the day
  • 10am: Farm-harvested snack time + discovering Nature
  • 10:30am: Exploration/Adventure of the day
  • 12:30pm:  Lunch time
  • 1pm:  Sit Spot (Each child finds a special spot to settle into and observe the world around them.)
  • 2pm: Creative Activity of the day
  • 2:30pm: Stories of the day
  • 3pm: Pick-Up




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About the teacher:
Sarah Adelaide Hewitt was born and raised in Bristol Vermont. Growing up with free range of woods, caves, streams, and animals, she developed a keen understanding and love for the natural world. Since childhood she has explored many creative avenues including a degree in painting / printmaking, residencies, travel, and her own printmaking business. Sarah is an adventurous artist, herbalist, farmer, whose passion for children has been a long thread throughout. She has worked as a nature and art teacher
in Montessori as well as Waldorf schools. Sarah has also worked independently as an art/craft teacher for 10 years. Most recently Sarah has been working on a new (bringing back an old) concept, Arts and WildCrafts, where all materials, including the paint are handmade from natural and found materials. “Throughout all of my years on earth, I have found there is no better teacher than the natural world. I facilitate learning of the world around us with games and engaging activities.”
Sarah magically combines her knowledge of plants, art, yoga, and theater with her love of children. Her passion and energy abounds through games, stories, and projects. As the illustrator of a newly self-published childrens’ book, Sarah continues to push new creative projects into existence, using them for tools in her teaching. Her way of teaching is through guiding children to engage all senses, explore, and express authentically.
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