Basket Weaving w/ Alexa Rivera

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Basket Weaving w/ Alexa Rivera


Sunday, 7/16, 10:30am-6pm

Basket Weaving is a tradition as old as human history, and a craft that has been practiced by every ancient culture across the globe. People have made baskets from their barks, branches, vines, and grasses and used these baskets for harvesting and storing food, medicines, and tools. The study of baskets is the important study of vessel, of human, of geography, of utilitarian and spiritual connection with nature, and of intuition. 

In this class we will weave an Adirondack Pack Basket, a beautiful basket which dates back to the 1800s and was born in the Adirondack Park. These baskets were traditionally made from hand-pounded black-ash and were used for carrying heavy loads for hunting, fishing, trapping and trekking in the mountains. We will use reed for our baskets, and everyone will leave with their own hand-woven Pack Basket. All materials will be included in the class, except for the straps. 

Basket weaving is a way to connect with our ancestral lineage, it is an allowance to sit together and tell stories, to commit to making slow and honoring the process. Come join us for a day of weaving and leave with a beautiful basket to take home for your own use in garden, forest, farm, or mountain. 

Snacks and tea will be provided, please bring your own lunch or a potluck dish to share. Please also bring a flat-head screw driver, scissors, and a pencil. Thanks so much and excited to weave with you!

Cost: $120
Limited space, register early!

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