Kids' Farm Camp: July 25th-29th


Kids' Farm Camp: July 25th-29th

from 60.00

7/25-29, M-F 9am-3pm (extended hours available, pls inquire)

Kids will enjoy their summer days Farming, doing Yoga, Art, Storytelling, Music, Martial Arts, Wilderness Education and Adventure and more!
Hosted by various teachers including Kelly Hickey & Maurice Bissonette, plus special guest musicians and resident farmers! 

There will be two age groups: 2 1/2-6 year olds and 7-10 year olds

Sample schedule:
9-10 AM: Movement (yoga or martial arts)
10-11 AM: Storytime/Creative Arts
11-12 PM: Farming (harvest for lunch!)
12-1 PM: Lunch and free play
1-2 PM: Wilderness Adventure Walk
2-3 PM: Music

NOW OPEN FOR DROP IN FOR $60/day (please sign up via drop down menu here and RSVP by emailing

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Meet the teachers!

Ryan Miller: Martial Arts, Beekeeping & Farming
Sensei Ryan Miller has had over 15 years of Martial Arts experience. He owns and runs both Golden Well Farm & Apiaries and 2 Wolves Center. He teaches both adults and children Aikido and Systema classes. Ryan apprenticed with Rev. Koichi Barrish (8th generation Grand Master) at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine and Kannagara Aikido dojo in Granite Falls, Washington. Sensei Miller has practiced systema since 2006. He trained in Seattle, WA with Kaisen Taki and Brian King, and with Vladamir Vassiliev, the chief instructor of Systema Headquarters. Miller Sensei’s teachings emphasize the expression of each individual’s natural movement, instinctual creative response, breath work, and achieving flow by de-emphasizing prescribed forms. He looks forward to teaching this work in the natural setting of the farm.

Nicole Burke: Farming & Arts & Crafts
Nicole co-owns and runs both 2 Wolves Holistic Center and Golden Well Farm & Apiaries. Nicole’s work is inspired by her diverse cultural background and experiences as an artist, designer, writer, beekeeper, farmer, permaculture enthusiast and world adventurer. Nicole believes that strong community is a key ingredient to living sustainably and strives to cultivate a remembrance of interconnectivity in all that she does. In addition to her main focus in local, healthy food and running a CSA through Golden Well Farm & Apiaries, she hopes to inspire and empower healthier individuals and communities through the events and programs hosted on the farm.

Kelly Hickey: Yoga & Meditation
Kelly Hickey has been a student of Hatha yoga since 1995. She is inspired by the many styles and philosophies of yoga and finds herself on what she believes to be a lifelong path of inquiry and reflection. Since 2004 she has enjoyed teaching both adults and children within Vermont. She has completed training in Radiant Child Yoga I & II, “Om Shree Om” Children’s Yoga Teacher Training withgifted teacher Christine McArdle-Oquendo, as well as 3 Levels of the Anusara Immersion Program. Working with children and families is where Kelly's heart feels fullest and her soul enriched.  She believes children are natural yogis and the joy they find on their mats transfers to great pleasure and care that reaches far into the world. 

Mo Bissonnette: Wilderness Ed
Maurice (Mo) Bissonnette grew up in Jerusalem, Vermont and has been a student of nature since he joined the Bristol tracking club in 8th grade. He soon found himself raised in the culture of naturalists, trackers and elders living in old ways. Mo has been trained in wilderness survival for over 10 years and has studied at the Vermont Wilderness School and Hawk Circle Wilderness Education center. He is currently teaching wilderness skills around the state, including at Crow's Path and Wisdom of the Herbs School.

Pauline Sachar & Aron Dunlap: Storytelling, Writing & Music
Pauline Sachar, Aron Dunlap and their two daughters live in Chicago. Pauline teaches first grade and Aron is a professor of liberal arts at Shimer College. As Good Dust they play folk, blues, and children's tunes. Good Dust was born 'bout the turn of the millennium in Seattle. Aron Dunlap was playing in the super famous boy band Sidney and started to strum out some folky stuff on his own. Despite the urging petitions of friends and family he has kept on churning out tunes for the last decade or so. For the last few years Aron has been joined by his wife, Pauline Sachar. Good Dust's music features vocal harmonies, some fiddle, some guitar, maybe even a bit of harmonica. As teachers, Aron and Pauline take a lighthearted, exploratory approach to music and writing and look forward to making music in the great outdoors.