Potent Herbal Approaches to Healing Lyme 2017

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Potent Herbal Approaches to Healing Lyme 2017


September 30th, 9am-12pm
Join Emily French of Sweetgrass Herbals for this in-depth workshop covering herbal approaches to the following facets of Lyme disease: prevention, initial infection, acute care, and chronic treatment. Learn about the most potent plant medicines for Lyme borreliosis and common co-infections, as well as lifestyle and dietary guidelines to strengthen immune health and improve quality of life, whether your goal is staying healthy or healing from a long-term Lyme infection. 

Suitable for health care professionals as well as the general public. 

Emily French is a community herbalist with more than 4,000 hours of clinical experience who specializes, as part of a diverse clinical practice, in helping people heal from acute and chronic Lyme and co-infections, and who has also overcome Lyme thanks to the plant medicines. 
To learn more about Sweetgrass Herbals, visit www.sweetgrassherbals.com

"Emily is amicable and knowledgeable. She provides a comfortable atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and pressure is nonexistent. Emily’s courses are a total package of vital knowledge promoting self-sufficiency and community, but her inherent capacity to embody these values is something that makes the courses extraordinarily captivating. The skills learned and the wisdom attained are empowering and an integral part of a sustainable and intentional lifestyle." 
-J.M., New York


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