Prenatal Yoga Series


Prenatal Yoga Series

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Prenatal Yoga: Preparing for Labor, Birth and Postpartum with Cathy (Nov/Dec) and Kelly Hickey (Jan/Feb & March/April)

Whether you're new to yoga or have an existing practice these prenatal yoga sessions will help you reduce fatigue, back pain, swelling and digestive disorders related to your pregnancy. We will focus on developing a strong and flexible physical body and calm mind as you prepare for delivery and beyond. Classes will include a guided centering, breathing exercise, a 45 minute posture practice with modifications made as your pregnancy progresses, and a meditation to strengthen the connection with your baby. Classes will allow time to share questions and concerns with each other in a safe and loving environment. *No previous yoga experience is necessary. However, BEFORE you begin consult with your doctor or midwife about this and any exercise program.

November 15th- December 20th w/ Cathy
Jan3-Feb7 w/Kelly
Feb 21-March 28 w/Kelly


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