ROOTS: 5 Rhythms Dance Weekend Workshop/Retreat w/Visudha de los Santos June 15th-17th

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ROOTS: 5 Rhythms Dance Weekend Workshop/Retreat w/Visudha de los Santos June 15th-17th

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In some ancient cultures, it was customary for travelers to leave home carrying a small plant. The message was: “Don’t ever forget where you came from. Always stay rooted.”

Building on this eternal truth, The 5Rhythms® offer us a way to find freedom through rootedness. Drawing upon Shamanic and Sufi sacred traditions, the rhythms are a powerful and deceptively simple way to transform ourselves into the fullest embodiment and manifestation of our essential selves. What are your roots? How can we reconnect with our roots and bring ourselves back home again?

The 5Rhythms® of flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness are the roots of this practice, and by deepening these roots we will cultivate greater awareness by listening to, moving our bodies, and expanding our body vocabulary. These roots offer us access to the infinite source of wisdom within, thus strengthening our own sense of freedom and homecoming.


Visudha de los Santos is your spiritual midwife on this incredible exploration.  Artist, musician, healer and ritualist, she weaves a magical  transformative journey with grace, presence and love

Read more about Visudha here:

Cost for this weekend workshop/retreat is $195 Standard, $165 Early bird (until March 30th). Additional fees for farm to table meals and accommodations. 

Meals will be gluten free vegetarian with vegan options, all sourced from the organic produce grown on our farm.

Mealtimes include the following:
-Day 1: Dinner: lite fare after the dance. 
-Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
-Day 3: Breakfast and snacks