Golden Well x 2 Wolves = A Center for Community-Minded, Sustainable Living

Our Vision

In our family, we have a tradition. Every time we come home to the state of Vermont after being away, as soon as we see that “Welcome to Vermont” sign, we roll down all four windows of the car and breath in that sweet, fresh Vermont air.

Most Vermonters and people who visit Vermont recognize the abundance of this land. Many of us have found peace in that field lit up by the Full Moon and tasted heaven in that apple we picked from a tree while overlooking the sunsetting on Lake Champlain. And in addition to the rich land, many Vermonters still know the value of community through that neighbor who helps us out of that snowbank or brings us a jar of homemade jam when we move in next door, or delivers a load of grass clippings to help mulch our garden.

And in these connections, we find a real love for this place, and through that love, a desire to live healthy lives, in close connection with the land and with our neighbors. Despite what is happening in the rest of the country with super highways, super stores, bill boards and exaggerated commercialism, we still have a strong sense that it's important to preserve what we have here in the purity that still exists in this place. Holding on stubbornly to this idea of preservation subsequently is a great thing for the environment and will play a large role in a sustainable future...which, as Vermonters, we care about.

Because we care, and find joy, and love for this way of living and being, we want to see these ideals of preservation live on and with these ideals we want to see innovation for an even healthy ecosystem and culture. Our mission is to create a center to help inspire, maintain and further cultivate this joyful way of being in interconnected, respectful and loving relationship with this land and our community. Based on nature as our teacher and a knowing that community is a key ingredient to a sustainable future, we are creating a center for Hospitality and hands-on, earth-based Education that inspires individuals, Vermonters and visitors alike, to live healthier, more interconnected lives with respect for nature and traditional skills and values.

Our vision is focused on ways to cultivate the awakened individual, a thriving community, abundant agriculture, and nurtured wilderness.

While we've always envisioned this Center taking form on land with a central meeting place, up to this point we've been working towards developing what we can without being land owners. We currently run 2 Wolves Holistic Center and Golden Well Farm and Apiary. Our Holistic Center is located in Vergennes and offers classes such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and Meditation as well as a variety of Holistic Treatments, educational workshops and Community Events. Our focus there is one of wellness, education and community building.

Golden Well Farm and Apiary is currently located on some neighborly people's land in New Haven where we keep our bees and grow on about 1.5 acres. We have been selling our produce, honey products including honey jam and honey caramels at farmers' markets, to local restaurants, online and at special events in New York City. We also taught two interns about beekeeping and brought our families, friends and their families to the farm, and invited them to participate in growing and eating healthy food.

We are working towards purchasing a suitable property for both consolidating and efficiently expanding our efforts. We would like to purchase a location that is easily accessible, yet large enough to support various ecosystems and serve as well as a site for agri-tourism. We would also like to see the center be accessible to people from all walks of life as well as prove instrumental in gathering and mobilizing local people to work together in pursuit of healthier land, individuals and community.

We want to organize networking opportunities for the local food movement and provide a platform for building stronger community. We plan to support the local economy by showcasing other existing farmers as teachers at our center, hosting events to feature the taste of this delicious land.

And, as part of our model of sustainability, we also recognize the need to remain financial viable. And that's why we also want to keep at our agricultural endeavors and sell to more local restaurants and stores and to include U-Pick berries. We want those berries to support our bees so we can grow our apiaries to give bees a chance! And to get into the production of Mead-honey wine.

Once on land, we want to expand into hospitality to offer farm stays, wellness retreats, eco-weddings and host more interns. We want to increase our educational programs to include more re-skilling programs, permaculture education, wilderness education, and kids camps. 

Not unlike a healthy ecosystem, our plan is to diversify what we offer in order to strive. We have a lot of ideas, many of which are already in the works, all of which really need a central location in which to take root and really grow to the next level.

We've just started to look into grants, crowd funding, and loans to help move our project forward. Our immediate needs include funding for berries, more bees, mead making equipment, and farm equipment. In a few years from now, we'd like to have enough for a down payment on a property then, funds for adding greenhouses and off-grid eco housing for retreats and interns.

Our vision is one of integrated sustainable living education and working with the land to support a healthy ecosystem and community.

If you'd like to be involved, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email.