golden well sanctuary is excited to partner with neon wild botanicals to grow quality, certified organic medicinal herbs! stay tuned for updates and collaborative farm events and workshops!

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At Neon Wild we believe in weaving a botanical thread into all aspects of our lives.  We thrive in the seasonality of farming in Vermont, taking great pleasure in bringing you small-batch botanicals hand-picked at peak potency.  Working with living soils is at our core. We aim to focus on preventative strategies, such as supporting biological tillage, beneficial insects, and biointensive spacing, to offer vibrant botanicals.  Organic, biodynamic and generative principles are central to our practice building resiliency at all levels.  We invite you to join us in cultivating a relationship to the land, plants, people and pollinators that make it all happen.  

A sampling of what you’ll find from Neon Wild at the farmstand: fresh and dried botanicals, teas, steams, mustard and maple syrup infused with herbs, oxymels, wreaths, flower crowns, essences and hydrosols.  We source from our diversified micro farm and ethical wildcrafting.  In order to provide a fully integrated botanical experience, look for a wide array of on-farm activities to craft, consume and connect with the plants.  Botanicals you’ll encounter: anise hyssop, ashwagandha, borage, brahmi, burdock, calendula, california poppy, chamomile, cilantro, garlic, garlic chives, goldenrod, lavender, lemon balm, linden, milky oats, mountain mint, mugwort both western and common, nettles, oregano, peppermint, red clover, rosemary, sage, shatavari, spilanthes, spruce tips, thyme, tulsi, white pine, and yarrow. 

Farming herbs lives glowing within the intersection of my passions.  With a background in healthcare and four season outdoor adventure the pull towards botanicals gripped me at my first introduction.  Since then I have studied herbalism in Vermont and interned at an herb farm, deepening my respect and curiosity for plants. 

 Share in the glow,

Augusta Blackstone