Bee "Bread" : Fermented Pollen & Honey Superfood


Bee "Bread" : Fermented Pollen & Honey Superfood


4oz. jar of Fermented Pollen & Honey Superfood Mixure
Bee "Bread" has a spreadable texture and is an incredible superfood that has the following healing properties:

- Potent anti-stress adaptogen 
- Immune system enhancer 
- Powerful endocrine tonic & phyto-androgen that balances the androgen/estrogen ratio 
- Very high antioxidant content 
- Powerful liver tonic 
- DNA protective/cellular regeneration 
- Offers detox support and protects against oxidative stress, heavy metals and radiation exposure 
- Boosts dopamine & improves mental function 
- Reduces sensitivity to pain

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