Happy Bee Day!

We woke at 4am, packed a lunch and our veils and got on the road. It was more exciting than Christmas day. It was the day we were to meet our new girls!! 


We drove 3 hours North. Just as soon as the sleep wore off, our eyes brightened at the site of the magical Northeast Kingdom. Spring was in full bloom and the hillsides were green and gold with dandelion. We followed our mapquest directions until we almost reached Canada, and just before we did, we drove West into Troy to Northwoods Apiaries. 

We had 3 nucs reserved for us and thought we'd have to make the journey to pick up 3 more a week later, but as luck would have it, someone canceled their order and we were able to leave with 7 nucs (6 for us, and 1 for our friends in Shrewsbury).

We carefully packed everything up and, veils on, AC on high, we started the long journey home. By the time we arrived back to East Wallingford, the bees had just barely eaten through the air holes and were starting to poke their heads out. We worked fast and decorated the hive boxes with a few quick doodles, then quickly transfered the frames of bees into their new boxes along with a few new empty frames. We closed up the boxes and sat back to watch our new girls get acquainted with their new homes.

It was a sweet start to our new apiary.