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Farm + Nature Kids' Camp 2019: Magical Stories of the Land (ages 5-8)


This summer, join us as we explore and celebrate the woods, fields, and waters of Golden Well Farm and Apiaries. Nature becomes our classroom, living room, and playspace as we build strong connections to the land and to each other. We’ll sing songs, give thanks, tell stories, make art, harvest flowers, herbs and veggies, practice yoga, play games, build forts, and go on adventures with curiosity as our guide. Weaving hands-on experiences with the world of imagination, we’ll strengthen the threads that connect us to the web of life.

This year’s camp theme is “Magic of the Land". We'll spend our days inspired by the stories Nature tells us. We’ll unearth the inspiration from the Land that surrounds us and listen deeply to what She’s singing to us through Her soil, trees, blossoms and rivers. Through creative play, story time, and theater we’ll take those stories and make them come alive as and even more tangible part of the animate and evolving landscape we find ourselves in.

Camp is for 5-8 year olds.

Use discount code MULTIKID at check out for 20% off the price of more than one child in the same family’s attendance.

(Partial financial need based scholarships and payment plans available, please inquire.)